Vegan Beauty Products You Need.

I love when I get my hands on products I didn’t think I needed and they become products I don’t want to live without. I don’t consider myself a makeup guru but you can catch me experimenting with several products.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on the Beauty Bakerie Breakfast In Bed Eyeshadow Palette and the Ofra Cosmetics Pressed Banana Powder.


This palette is a 9 pan eyeshadow palette that contains a blend of mattes and shimmery shimmers. They are all subtle yet very rich in pigment, applying nicely and smoothly across the eyelids. What is more important is that they barely have fall outs, which is key because I dislike working with palettes that half of the eyeshadow is left on my cheeks! It is definitely a palette that can be worn during the day and switched around for a night glam look. Contemplating getting a subtle all round palette? This is a go-to and will be perfect for all skin types.

To achieve this eye look, I used the shade Messy Hair for my lids, Yawning for my crease, Forehead Kisses for my brow bone and Pajamas for as my top lid. Used the same shade (Pajamas) for my inner eyes and cheeks. Lips I used the Loreal Metallic Foil Lip Paint In Galactic Foil. You can check out My Instagram Reels to see how I achieved this look.


The Ofra Pressed Banana Powder is a must have! I never thought I needed a banana powder until I saw the magic it does. I didn’t see the need to brighten or set under my eyes since I had a good concealer and finishing powder, but this product works magic! It totally transforms my entire look and giving it that airbrushed brightening look that is subtle. It comes in 10g and 4g depending on the pan you need or if you are wanting to try it out first.

This banana powder can be used to conceal dark under eye circles, set concealer, highlight the under eye area, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin, set foundation and matte eyeshadow- Via Ofra Cosmetics’ Website.

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