Restyling An Outfit: Sustainability.

When we speak about Sustainability in the Fashion Industry, restyling your outfits or having multiple wears from your outfits is also considered sustainability.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on these this look and how I previously styled them.

I have had these items in my closet for a long time now, with the latest being this croc bag from New York and Company, which I recently styled for a Holiday Look. Apart from that, the Mock neck Top has been repeatedly worn over the last four years and I got them from Forever21 and previously styled in Monday’s Blog Post. These New York & Company Bermuda Pants are from last year and I have styled them three times (Check this look out HERE). Finally, I am sure by now, you must have noticed that these Aldo boots show up frequently on my blog and Instagram feed.

Now that I have given you a run down of each items, it’s easier to understand what I mean when I am being sustainable with the clothing I already have in my closet. The ability to use, reuse and consume more sustainably.

Sustainability in Fashion isn’t only associated with secondhand/ Thrifted clothing. It’s the ability to wear your clothes multiple times, irrespective of how you style them. In my case, I will say the ability to wear an item in multiple ways and it will still look new!

I understand that repeating your clothes especially around the same circle of people can be a little uncomfortable and come off the wrong way, but styling it in multiple ways will make it unnoticeable. When you learn the art of restyling your clothes, you begin to see your closet in a different light and you maximize every item you have.

This may sound strange to you coming from a fashion blogger, but I rarely buy new clothing and if I do, I most times visit the Thrift store. I am in no way saying I do not shop from fast fashion brands, just saying I look into restyling m what I already have to make it look new, and when I think I need something fresh for my closet, I visit the thrift store.

I will not be linking any item on this blog post for you all to shop because the aim is to restyle/consume what you already have in your closet.

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