A Must Have Coat For Winter.

If there is one stylish coat that caught the eyes of winter season, is a Teddy Coat. Last year I think 95% of girls/ladies I know, owned a teddy coat of some sort whether it’s a Sherpa or Fuzzy, and every fashion article published one Teddy Coat look.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to style a Teddy Coat/ Creating a Tonal look with a Teddy Coat.

Teddy Coats are not just stylish but very crazy and warm coats you definitely need in your closet. The fabric is extremely soft, tender and puffy to keep you certainly warm and snuggly. While there is no certain way to style a Teddy Coat, you can sure create a tonal look with a shade you love and for me, it’s anything in the yellow or brown look as pictured above.

You can decide to choose shades from the same colour palette, or opt for more neutral tones depending on what your personal style is and also think beyond outerwear for ideas on how to wear teddy fabrics.

A Burlington find, I styled it with my French Connection slouchy sweater, a Thrifted leather pants and a pair of zebra print boots. which you can shop similar one HERE or HERE.

There are so many ways to style a Teddy Coat, from Sweaters, Jeans, Leather Pants, Skirts etc but I choose to create something tonal, for those of you who may be venturing into the Teddy Coat world just yet.



Thinking of ways to layer your outfits for the season, a slouchy sweater is a good start. You can throw on a turtle neck top underneath the sweater and a Teddy Coat as your Top Coat, in that way, you have two layers and your outerwear, to keep you warm.


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