Ingestible Hyaluronic Acid.

One of the key ingredients for skin hydration is Hyaluronic Acid and you may be wondering if it is safe to ingest them or have them only in your skincare products. I am one that goes for skincare product that contains Hyaluronic Acid because I typically have dry skin and with the consistent use of it, my skin stays hydrated, supple, smooth and retains moisture.

Today’s Blog Post is a Rae Wellness Campaign which is a supplement brand and I will be sharing more on their Skin Hydration Drops.

Rae wellness solutions are created to give your body only what it needs—nothing more, nothing less. Products are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and have no sugar added, no harmful fillers or colorants and no artificial preservatives. Their supplements contains pure and powerful ingredients that supports calmness. sleep and energy. VIA RAE WELLNESS

From their source, they have 5 drops which are Immunity Drops, Destress Drops, Beauty Drops and Skin Hydration Drops which is the focus of today’s post.

This Skin Hydration Drops contains 15mg Hyaluronic Acid that supports healthy fresh looking skin. Other ingredients include Vegetable glycerin, water and Citric Acid etc and should be taken one dropper a day- directly or into your water, coffee or tea. You can take up to 4 times per serving but make sure to amp up your fluid intake. VIA RAE WELLNESS

For me, I stick to One Dropper a day which I add to my bottle of water.


Why is Hyaluronic Acid so important? Due to our natural aging bodies, exposure to UV Rays from the sun, smoking and environmental pollution, our skin hydration level drops which requires Hyaluronic acid supplements to prevent this decline. By its intake, it produces extra amounts of hydration incorporate into our skin.

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