The Coat That Will Always Be In Style.

Back again with another Faux Fur Look and this time, it is long sleeve with stripes. Last week, I shared a Faux Fur Yellow Vest which stole the show on my Instagram and this week, I decided to share another option for those who are not into Fur Vests or anything vest at all.

If I had my way, I would ensure everyone has a Fur Coat in their closet! There is something sophisticated and classy about wearing a Faux Fur Coat, because it automatically elevates a casual look. There is something about styling a Fur Coat for winter. It adds that final touch to your look and did I mention it is in the family of cozy snuggly outer-wears. You don’t necessarily have to own a particular design because any one would work great. It can be solids, patterned/prints, classic neutrals, vibrant etc just own it and wear it.

With a basic black top, a pair of jeans, stiletto boots and a croc mini bag you are good to go in styling your Faux Fur Coat/Jacket in a simple way. Thinking of other ways to style your Faux Fur coat to achieve those cozy layers and maximum comfort? You can opt for a monochromatic fresh look for a more chic and effortless style by throwing your cashmeres and chunky knits underneath. You can also wear it on top your blazers or suits, above a delicate light weight blouse or top, above your knits whether turtle necks, mock necks or cow necks etc. If you are more into prints and patterns, you can totally mix prints with your Faux Fur Coat or get a little fancy by throwing a silk slip skirt underneath for a more classy look.


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