How To Style A Belt Bag With A Blazer.

Accessories are key tools when it comes to styling outfits and these tools consist of a wide range of items of which a BELT BAG is one of them. If you have been following up with my fashion and style posts on my social channels, you would know I love anything with belts.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on HOW TO STYLE A STRUCTURED BLAZER USING A BELT BAG.

A blazer is a classic piece which has fast become and all season outfit. With that, comes a high demand on how to style them without looking like an Office fit. With these style ideas/demands, the use of a belt bag to style a blazer was birthed and this has become one Chic and Stylish way to style a structured blazer. This accessory can be integrated into your winter wardrobe and used to style slouchy sweaters for a more defined look.

If you love to define your waist line like I do, then a belt bag is an accessory you should opt for. In some cases, they are called Fanny Pack or Waist Bag. There are creative ways to wear a belt bag. It could be across the shoulders, slung on the shoulders, or the standard around the waist (as pictured above). This shows that it is a versatile accessory that most fashion icons have come to style.

As one who loves to cinch her waist, I definitely had to choose the- around the waist look because it is very chic! and for a sophisticated and refined look, a sleek streamlined silhouettes and a belt bag is a great choice. This Rebecca Minkoff Leather and Leopard Print Belt Bag is good if you are going for a cinched and defined waist line. A minimalistic belt bag and tailored blazer makes for a cool mix of classic and modern (VIA THE ZOE REPORT)


Decided to keep my entire look clean and simple with neutral tones to compliment the belt bag. These tones are classic, chic and great for those who are into the minimalistic looks. Blazer and Sweater are thrift finds, Jeans are Nordstrom Rack, Sandals are Steve Madden- Madden girl.

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