Color Block Sweater: A Classic Trend.

If there is one trend which caught the eyes of almost everyone, is the color blocked sweater. These sweater styles dates back to the 80s and come in a variety of colors, which may be two-toned or more and depending on your color palette preference, you can opt for a neutral mix or vibrant mix.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on Color Block Sweaters and How to style them.

At least one out of five fashionable girls has a color block sweater or cardigan in their closet because they make for a stylish fun look for Fall/Winter. It is also an irresistible trend that make a cute outfit and this one from Burlington, is definitely a stunner with chic fun colors. I must quickly say Burlington is a place to shop for affordable stylish items (Check out this My Blog Post for a list of affordable places to shop)

As a color lover, the moment I saw this neon green and cream, I knew it will work great with my existing wardrobe and styling it will be easy. I quickly snagged it. The wide sleeves, the turtle neck and the length are perfect!

One thing I love about this sweater, is the color placement. It makes it easy to choose a second piece for styling and this, I could pick these Jeans to compliment the cream on the sweater and to create that balance with the neon green on the upper side. I have seen color blocked sweater with inordinate placements that make it slightly difficult to choose your styling piece without looking all over the place.


For my accessories, I kept it minimal and fresh, pairing my Franco Sarto Pumps which were a Burlington find, my Dainty Pearl Necklace which I placed right on top of the sweater neck to create that funnel shaped neck and my pin pearl earrings. These accessories were intentionally picked to highlight the cream of the sweater while keeping my entire look simple and fresh.

This look will be appealing to those who are into neutrals but are willingly to add a vibrant tone to their look without being overbearing. Definitely a outfit you should try for a Chic, Fun, Simple Look.

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