How To Style A Plaid Jacket.

Is there anything more stylish than a Plaid Jacket or Blazer? These versatile pieces are a must have in every fashion girl’s closet because not only are they chic, they can be paired in so many different ways.

Styling Plaid Jacket
Styling Plaid Jacket
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Most times, a plaid jacket can work as a top when you button it up as I did in these photos, and this double breasted jacket has large buttons enough to create that overlapping and turtle neck style and can be open for a more lapel/collar look. Also love that this has a belt to help accentuate my waist line and create some definition to that area. Throw on any pair of jeans or leggings and you are good to go! You can also style these with a Skirt or Dress underneath and some booties. Winter doesn’t call for only trousers or leggings, you can also style your dresses and skirts with a plaid jacket and for a more formal look, you can style it with a pair of Pants for a power suit look.


Winter Jackets

For my accessories, I decided to highlight the green on the Jacket, hence I went with this my Olive bag from Looks Like Summer. The frill design and the shape is very unique and gives that classy chic look to an outfit. A pair of off-white denim to highlight the shade on the jacket or you can go for a pair of denim or stick to a neutral color family as I did with my Jeans and shoes.

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