Beauty Supplement For A Healthy Glowing Skin.

Beauty comes from the inside out and what we consume into our bodies determine what our skin looks like on the outside, that is why the saying goes ” You are what you eat” and that’s a fact. When you eat healthy, you look and feel healthy. When you supplement in a healthy way, it helps add on to what your body cannot natural produce due to aging.

Today’s Blog Post Is In Collaboration with Everydaze and I will be sharing more on their Essential C’s Konjac Jelly.

Collagen and Vitamin C Supplements
Collagen For Healthy Bright Skin
Collagen For Healthy Bright Skin

I am a sucker for any good product that promotes a healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to my skin. Everydaze is a lifestyle brand that provides self-care and beauty routine, which focuses on building a healthy life inside and out. This Everydaze Essential Collagen Jelly in Mango flavor, is made with plant derived ingredients, validated as Vegan and animal free testing (Via Everydaze’s Website)

This Inner beauty collagen, contains Vitamin C which is an essential ingredient that boosts bright glowing skin. With only 10 calories and zero added sugar, this blend of Konjac Jelly is a healthy substitute for your sugary snack cravings that reduces hunger, prevents overeating, and satisfies cravings with a sweet dose of natural peach extract and flavor. An added infusion of Collagen and Vitamin C work together to enhance your beauty from the inside-out. It comes in a convenient squeeze pouch that is travel friendly for those on-the-go busy individuals. (Via Everydaze’s Website)

Healthy snack for a glowing skin
Collagen that boosts Inner beauty
Collagen That Boosts Inner Beauty.

I must say I have enjoyed having these pouches every other day, especially when I am working and can’t stop to have lunch. Days were I need to munch on something right before dinner, these pouches came in handy and as we speak, while I write this Blog Post, I was having one. It is such a convenient way of snacking with the intentions of consuming something healthy with extra benefits.

Beauty Supplements
Vitamin and Collagen Supplement

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