Galentine’s Day Outfit Ideas.

Galentine's day outfit

We are few days away from Valentine’s day, It’s Valentine’s day and OMG, are you excited to spend time with your girlfriends and make that day extra special? Or are you thinking of spending more self love, self care time with yourself, and just loving on the goodness of your whole being? Whatever or whomever you plan on celebrating with, just remember to spread love 365 days in the year and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Today’s blog post is all about a simple Galentine’s Day look if you plan on hanging out with your girlfriends.

Looking to grab brunch with your girlfriends for Galentine? This is a look you should go for. It’s easy, simple and has the Valentine colours without screaming Valentine’s Day. It is a very cozy sweater, with the perfect blend of colours paired with a flared corduroy pants. You can style any sweater or cardigan of your choice with some Jeans or Pants and you are good to go. For an extra style nudge, you can opt for a patterned sweater like mine, to make it look bubbly and fun, while pairing with any bottoms of your choice.

Did I mention that both items are second hand? Yes, the sweater is from Goodwill and the Pants are from Clothes Mentor, both looking great together like a pair.

Valentine's day look


For a more girly look, I accessorized with my velvet braided hair band( something similar HERE), Steven Madden Mules, French Rope Hoops (similar HERE) and my Aldo crossbody bag, carried like a pouch.

You can simply style a Pink, Red, or Pastel Color Sweater in a cute way by accessorizing and adding that extra feminine touch to your entire look.

My general thoughts and opinion on Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day look is, never cage yourself with the idea that you only have to wear pink and red. Although those are the “typical colors to wear” you can definitely wear what makes you YOU and what makes you feel comfortable in a way that depicts your personal style.


valentine's day outfit idea
Galentine's day outfit idea
Galentine's day look

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