Styling A Slip Dress For Valentine/Galentine’s Day.


I have always wanted to style a slip dress with a Blazer, but never seemed to get around it. Then Valentine’s day comes around or let’s say Galentine’s day, and I thought, what better holiday than to style a slip dress.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be highlighting a slip dress as a perfect Valentine or Galentine’s date look.

valentine's day outfit idea

There is something lush and luxe about wearing a slip dress, and that feeling can be associated with Valentine’s or Galentine’s day. The fabric, the delicate texture and the characteristics, makes it suitable for that special day with your significant other or your girlfriends. It is such a feminine outfit that comes in my favorite color..

You may be wondering, a Blazer for Valentine’s day? Yes, a Blazer is a classic piece, it is timeless and will always be perfect for any look you are going for. A blazer is the icing on every look, it the the topper on any look and the finisher of most looks. Styling it with a slip dress, just adds that layer of classic touch to the look and also serves as a layering piece for the chilly winds.



For styling, I kept my choice of color neutral and basic in other not to take away from the dress. Being the focal point, I wanted pieces that will compliment it in a soft tonal way rather than contrasting it. Accessories-A New Day bag from Target and Earrings from Burlington are yellow, to compliment the dress and my shoes and Blazer neutral to create that soft contrast (balance). This complete look is suitable for a brunch or lunch date for Valentine’s day.

If you decided to throw on a vibrant piece as your additional style item, that is up to you and a total vibe to go for.

valentine date look

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