A Natural Vegan Toner.


When considering skincare routines, a face toner is certainly one them. It comes in a water-based liquid form that may be infused with different ingredients (antioxidants, glycerin, anti-inflammatories) which are beneficial to different skin types. It gently refreshens your skin without stripping your skin off its natural moisture and acts as an essential primer step for the rest of your skincare products like serums and moisturizers.

Today’s Blog Post Is In Collaboration with Caudalie and I will be sharing more on their NEW Vinoclean Moisturizing Toner.

Vegan and natural toner

This Caudalie Vinoclean moisturizer is NEW and said to be a highly natural, vegan toner that hydrates and soothes skin while visibly removing final traces of makeup, leaving the skin feeling clean, fresh and softened (Via Caudalie). It is formulated with organic rose water, 98% natural and 100% recycled and recyclable. (Via Caudalie), suitable for all skin types.

A toner infused with rose water, has incredible skin benefits such as: soothes skin irritation, contains antioxidants, heals cuts, burns and scars, reduces skin redness, anti-inflammatory, hydrates, skin softener, oil remover etc

I always use a toner twice a day and I recently started using and trying out this one by caudalie which I enjoy using as it keeps my skin clean and clear, ready for my serums and moisturizers.


With any other product, you have to use a toner consistently to achieve the desired results. Making sure you have washed your face, soak a cotton pad with your toner and swipe gently across your entire face, neck (decolette) and chest area. Immediately afterwards, go in with your serums and moisturizer. You can also drop a few of your toner in your palms and press the gently into your face and skin.


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