Vintage Coats; How To Shop and Style Them.


Coats in general are statement pieces, no matter the style or fabric. They tend to have this characteristic because they are outerwear and the first thing you notice on someone.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on Vintage Coats, how to shop for them and how to style them.


This 1960s Betty Rose Coat is and has been a dear and best thrift find till date. I know I keep saying all my finds are the best, but this COAT?? It is definitely at the top of my list. Found this gem for a little over $12 at OKGoodwill and I knew it was coming home with me. Did a little background on the Brand and found out it goes for nothing less than $300 and with a Vintage Coat like this, it would only be sold on Secondhand clothing platforms. The Class and Sophistication this coat speaks, will continue to resonate with years to come.

When thrifting for Vintage Coats, take into consideration, the style, the number of wears you can get out of it, the designer (origin), the details, the fit, the condition and your budget etc. Like this particular coat with a mink collar, it projects the illusion of a Fur/Faux fur, which will always be in Style. When you use these shopping points, how and what to style it with, becomes easy and accessible.

Touching a little on shopping pointers, make sure to check the condition of any Vintage Jacket or Coat you intend to buy, especially the fabric used to line. This Coat has the softest silk lining you can imagine and want pressing against your skin, with the brand tag attached neatly. Check out this Blog Post for more thrifting tips.


A coat such as this, can be easily worn as a dress because of the length and style. Long enough, and hits at the knee, with sufficient thickness to keep you warm. It can also be styled as the outerwear with your thermals and sweaters underneath as shown in these pictures. For a more uptown or Parisian look, throw on some panty hose or leggings underneath for and additional layer as shown in these pictures. As a side note, I actually doubled my hose to provide sufficient layers to withstand the cold air.

For a little extra accessories, I paired my thrifted EXPRESS belt to give me a defined waist line, and my ALDO boots you must have seen a Gazillion times on here.


These types of coats, fit perfectly with a pair of leather gloves, long gloves to be precise and some thigh high boots. It is an easy to style coat, which has done the entire styling work by its appearance. You need little or nothing to style this coat and these are the types of Vintage Jackets or Coats you should comb the secondhand market for.


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