Two-Toned Outfit Ideas.


As winter gradually comes to an end, I am rounding up my Fall/Winter looks of which in reality, I still need because the weather doesn’t seem to be switching up to Spring any time soon. More sunshine we need as I can’t wait to drop my layered and heavy pieces for something light and airy.

On Today’s Blog post, I will be sharing more on this look and how to style items in the same/two color palette.


If ever you get stuck trying to figure out what to wear, a monochrome look is always the easiest and best choice to reach for. 75% of the look I shared this Fall/Winter, consisted of these looks, were I chose outfits from the same color palette to style. They don’t necessarily have to be the exact same shade, for your look to be characterized as a Monochrome look.

Now we have laid a foundation for monochrome looks, you can style two-tone looks as shown in these pictures. These looks consists of two different colors, blending in nicely to create a seamless look. They are easy to create and next to being a monotone look. Again, your two shades don’t necessarily have to be the exact same shade to be classified as a two-toned look. They just have to be in the same color palettes of each other.


At a closer look, you can see that my sweater is a slightly lighter than my skirt but they are in the same “Grey” color palette, which makes styling easy. Also, the fabric doesn’t have to be exactly the same, as my skirt is ribbed and sweater wooly or fuzzy. Chose an all black accessory to incorporate more of the “black” shade into my look, because my sweater and skirt made it more of a monochrome look, and with those black sleeves, it was a perfect blend and match with the rest of the black accessories.

You can incorporate same technique for any shade you love to style. It could be one tone(monochromatic) or two tone as discussed in today’s post.



two tone looks



Sweater is from JcPenny, Skirt is H&M and I really love the ribbed fabric, boots are Calvin Klein but a Burlington find, croc mini bag is from New York and Company and you can use my code NYCJOY10 for a discount on their website. Belt is a thrift Express find which I have worn a ton here.

black and grey looks

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