Classic Cotton White Button Down Shirt.

Grayson classic cotton shirt

When we talk about wardrobe staple pieces, a White Button Down Shirt is definitely one of them. It’s a classic and timeless piece that everyone should have in their closet.

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Grayson is a woman owned brand, by Audrey McLoghlin who spent the last decade obsessing over the button-up. She founded Grayson to bring a perfect-fitting shirt to a new wave of womxn who are re-writing the rules and changing our world for the better. (Via Grayson’s Website).

Their signature style called “The Hero”, come in a classic cotton fabric that has subtle texture for that fresh look. This fabric gets better with each wash, which I read reviews attesting to that and I can’t wait to wash mine to confirm. It has precise button placement to fit all different chest sizes, and draped to fit your hips for a relaxed but put together look. (Via Grayson’s Website)

This shirt feels incredibly soft on the skin, it is breathable and lightweight! Quality of the fabric is 100%, feels fresh and looks chic on. Love that it’s not tight, hence giving a nice silhouette fitting to the body. I also love that it has a cool slouchy fit without being too big or baggy and I got it in a Medium “03” to give me the desired fit.

Decided to style it with a pair of Jeans and this red croc block heel just to keep it simple and timeless. You can never go wrong with a white button down and a pair of Jeans. This look is simple, fresh, chic and CLASSIC!! It will always be in Style- It would be worn for centuries to come because it’s timeless and a Staple piece!

USE CODE: JOYEBENSPIFF for $25 off at checkout HERE
Timeless outfit
USE CODE: JOYEBENSPIFF for $25 off at checkout HERE

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