Styling Thrift Finds For Spring.

Spring looks

You may be wondering how to style a thrift find, or thinking of ways to make a thrifted item useful in your wardrobe.

On today’s blog post, I will sharing useful tips on how to style your thrift finds for Spring. Before we dive in, kindly subscribe to My Blog through the menu button above.

I will start off by pointing out the items that are thrift stores finds. The top and pants are thrifted, and my trench coat is from New York and Company (You can use my code NYCJOY10 for a discount on all items on their website), and my shoes are Liz Clairbone from JCPenny. This is an indication that you can pair your thrifted pieces with the non thrifted items in your closet, to create a whole look. While that is common to say, it is also a technique to know how to pair these items.

While shopping, make sure you visualize how to style them before you check out. You can buy another piece from the thrift store that you feel works best with it, or you already have an item in your closet that will pair perfectly with it. When you do so, you find out that most items you purchase, have multiple wear possibilities in them. You truly don’t want to purchase items you won’t pair nicely or wear once. The Cost Per Wear (CPW) should out weight the thoughts on how gorgeous the item looks or not.

As you consider spring shopping, look for ways to fill in what’s missing in your closet, rather than going on a random shopping spree without focus. Look through your closet to see what you can pair the new item with before hitting the “Place Order” button at checkout. Do you have a Blazer? Then pick items that will pair nicely with your already existing blazer.

Mix your highs and lows, the thrift finds with the designer pieces, the high street pieces with the thrift pieces. Blend everything together, and you will begin to see the beauty and benefits of thrifting (sustainable fashion)

While shopping, I knew I wanted these pants but while it was in my cart, I visualised how to style it with the pieces in my closet back home. Luckily, I stumbled on this beautiful yellow shirt which is a great shade for SPRING, and I decide to style both together. Once I got home, I threw on the Trench Coat, to complete the look. The Trench and the Pants pair nicely while the Shirt gives that contrasting touch for SPRING.


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