Neutral Spring Look.

Spring fashion

Although Spring is associated with beautiful colourful looks, styling neutral pieces is very much acceptable all year round.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on a simple neutral look for Spring. Be sure to subscribe to My Blog through the menu button above.

This is definitely an easy spring look to style. A basic linen utility dress and a pair of boots and you are good to go. Something easy and fun for a night out with friends or catching a late brunch date.

These Kira Knee High boots are my best footwear purchase for Fall/Winter. Although they came slightly later than I expected, I was still able to curate this look, by styling them with a simple plain dress from ASOS (old). Looks Like Summer has an incredible minimalistic line with unique designs cutting across their foot wears, bags and jewelries.

Spring outfit
Looks like summer boots

A dress simple as this, is perfect for Spring Summer and can be styled in different ways for Spring, by throwing on a Trench Coat or a Jacket over it. Best pick would be camel or brown coat to complete the look for those who love the neutral tones and If you love colors like me and want a touch of color, a red coat or jacket will be absolutely perfect with this look.


Looks like summer boots
Spring outfit idea

These boots come in black and brown but I decided to get it in this beige and latte shade because they are unique and definitely stand out. You can always find a black and brown boots but a white stylish boots is unique and can be a hit or miss.



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  1. Joye excellent blog. I love the neural look. The boots make outfit. As always you look great! Your making me want Spring so bad. Today was in the 50s, tomorrow 60 but sadly cold snowy weather next week!!
    Keep on writing the blog!

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