Spring Transition Looks.

Colour combination outfits

Coming from my winter archives, is this look I never got to share which also happens to fit right into a Spring Transition look.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing ways to create looks that transitions into Spring. Before we dive in, kindly subscribe to My Blog through the menu button above.

Definitely ironic to be writing about Spring outfits, when my feet is in a heap of snow. For the purpose of this post, we shall ignore my environment and focus on the outfit lol.

If you have been following closely on my Instagram, you must have noticed the obvious colour combination looks I have been sharing lately. This was part of the idea, and I thought why not share as a Spring Transition look since the weather here in Oklahoma still seems to be in the 30s and a Coat is absolutely needed.

Spring doesn’t entail you packing up your outer-wears, but incorporating them in fun ways that will blend into Spring, which is the current season. Either you layer lightly like I have, or you layer with thicker fabrics, depending on your weather condition. For us Oklahomans, we still wear sweaters and jackets since it got colder.

Underneath my jacket, is a basic body con sleeveless dress I got a while back from Forever 21, which is perfect for summer but good for layering in Spring by throwing on a Trench Coat, Full length Coat or a Blazer over it. If you have any summer pieces which feels light, you can totally wear them now, by layering with a thicker piece to keep you warm.

Spring looks are all about layering lightly and not putting away you entire winter wardrobe. I always advise to rotate and play around with your pieces and imagine the look you are going for. When you do this continually, you begin to develop skills in putting and building your personal style.

Spring transition looks
colourful spring looks
Colour combination outfits

This Coat is one of my BEST THRIFT FINDS. I know I say this a lot, especially with all the pieces I thrift, but this particular Coat was a steal and for the quality and price, it’s mind blowing. Thinking of shopping for Spring on a budget? I highly recommend hitting your local thrift stores first especially Goodwill and you will be stunned at what you get with so little expense.

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