A Vegan Body Wash and Deodorant.

Native jungalow body wash and deodorant

One aspect of self care is the ability to use good body wash and deodorant, to keep your skin refreshed and alive! It’s also a necessary step in a daily routine. I don’t know about you, but I shower everyday so I need to use a Body wash and deodorant daily.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on the Native X Jungalow Body wash and Deodorant.


For one, I love taking a shower with nicely fragranced body wash, that leaves your bathroom scenting like a Spa. It gives the bathroom environment a nice smell that will last for a few hours, while mildly taking away the damp smell that comes from the shower steam.

The body wash comes in a gel formula and it’s smooth on the skin while using. Totally love how it feels on the skin and the fragrance it emits.

Native X Jungalow Deodorant In Sandalwood and Fig.

The deodorant is nicely fragranced like the body wash and feels buttery when applying. Both items comes in Sandalwood and fig scent, which creates that fresh warm feel. Both products are inspired by trips to Uttar Pradesh and contains essential oil – Citrus Artemisia Herba Alba Leaf Oil. They claim to be Aluminum free, Vegan and Cruelty Free.

The scent was inspired by the founder’s trip to India, where she encountered the open air flower market in Jaipur; a warm and a little spicy with clean earthy feels. (via Jungalow’s website)

Native body wash and deodorant
Native body wash and deodorant

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