How To Pair Colourful Outfits For Spring.

Spring outfit ideas

I am at a point in my personal style journey where I believe exploring different looks is essential to growing what I consider to be my Style. There are times I have felt like I had nothing to wear in my wardrobe, then I go on this wild chase of trying on different pieces to see how they turn out.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to pair colorful outfits/how to create colorful outfits.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no set way to pair an outfit. While certain looks are classic, timeless or common if I may say, there is nothing wrong in adding your little twist to what you think depicts your personal style and most especially what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Now Spring is in full bloom, I decided to explore more with pairing colourful looks, by playing with pieces I already have in my closet to see how they look, and honestly I was amazed at how incredible most of these looks turned out. You may wondering how to create colourful spring looks or what shades are perfect together, and while it may be daunting to pair different colours together, it’s fun when you do so and end up with a great look! You can start by scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest to see what is “trending” (typically I don’t go with trends) or what you think depicts your style, then you recreate something similar.

I have always been into colours and while I wore them consistently, I felt the need to explore more with them ie pairing inordinate shades together and not thinking so much about them! As a beginner, you can pair lighter shades with darker shade, which is safer and in the neutral family. When you are ready to break out into more vibrant looks, you begin to switch your neutral shades to bold shades, to achieve that Spring Look!

You must have known by now that yellow is one of my favourite colours, if not the absolute favourite. I took a step down from the bright/mustard yellow that I love, to try this pale yellow (pastel) shade. When I saw this Blazer, I loved the crinkle fabric, and knew it was definitely going to be part of my Spring Collection. For styling, I decided to pair it with these orchids pants I got from JcPenny a while back and viola, I loved it!!! Threw on my crop cami from Marshalls, pair of purple Aldo {old} sandals and gold accessories. I was definitely going for a Fresh Spring Almost Floral Look and it came out perfect.

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