Closet Decluttering; A Functional Wardrobe.

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I have felt overwhelmed with items in my closet and I believe it’s time to deep clean, not just Spring cleaning, but literally going through every single piece of clothing that I have, to donate or sell a huge chunk.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to clean out your closet space in other to have an effective and functioning closet.

how to spring clean
functional wardrobe
functional closet

One thing I dislike is CLUTTER! I hate having to deal with too many items, be it clothing or just objects in general. It inhibits my sense of reasoning and judgment. As deep as it sounds, it’s the truth, and this reality applies to my closet. When I have too many clothes, it becomes a clutter which affects my ability to wear most of my clothing items and I see myself constantly reaching for the same pieces because I am overwhelmed with too many. If you are in this boat with me, or you just need some insights on how to manage your closet, then keep reading.

spring cleaning
how to spring clean
how to spring clean your closet

We are in the season where you randomly start shopping for new pieces because it’s Spring, yes I am guilty too, I feel like I need all the colorful blazers right now. Pause, before you add on new pieces, take a day or two to take a stock of your existing pieces, sort out items you haven’t worn in 6 months, items you don’t feel connected to, items you have out-grown etc, make two bags, one for donation and the other for sale. I mention out-grown because in the last 2 months, some pieces I still love, feel a little tight (too much pasta, bread and rice lol)

Honestly, you may be tempted to keep some pieces because of greed or sentiments. Greed may be a little too harsh, but it’s the truth disguised in what we call hoarding!. Some acts of hoarding may occur as an oversight or you wanting to keep the item a little longer to see how you can still style it, but months go by and you still don’t get to wear it.

how to spring clean your wardrobe
functional spring closet
spring cleaning

Once you have jumped that hurdle of decluttering and also dividing items into what you want to sell or donate, you will see the huge empty space, you have to fill in your essential pieces for the season ahead, and also have accessibility to your other pieces you constantly leave behind. It is truly the best feeling and I am glad I was able to clean out mine over the weekend.

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