A Saint Laurent Fall 2021 Inspired look.

saint laurent fall 2021 look

My creativity in the fashion space, has steered me into a community of like minded ladies, willing to collaborate from around the world, with one voice and tone, expressing our love for fashion and style.

Having community full of women from different race and backgrounds, different physique and stature but one interest, which is creativity in the fashion industry is truly a blessing. With that being said, I came together with a group of ladies, around the US and Australia(My dear friend Faye of @fayedelanty) to recreate Saint Laurent Fall 2021 Looks. For the purposes of copyright, we named ours AINT LAURENT, and I will be sharing more on my choice of outfit.

Saint Laurent Fall 2021

Being a group of women who advocate for Sustainable fashion, the challenge was to recreate one of these looks with pieces we already have in our wardrobes without having to purchase something new. The aim was to show the the ability of looking high end with existing pieces.

From my pictures, I’m sure you already know the look I was recreating. Once the collage of looks were shared, I immediately knew I could recreate the forth look because I already had pieces in my wardrobe that will work fine.

The ability of recreating a look, closely or similar to what already exist is simple. Look at the colour palette and fabric. Are they items you have similar pieces to? Does the style and overall outfit look similar even tho not 100% to your pieces? Can you alter your pieces to bring them to a point to look similar to the original images/outfit? Once these answers are YES, then you can recreate any look you desire.


A sequin blazer ☑️ a black panty hose ☑️ an off white top to create a bow lapel ☑️ a gold brooch to create an illusion of the same on Saint Laurent’s model ☑️, A pair of pointy toe heel ☑️. I had my boxes checked and knew I had to recreate this look. It’s all about digging through your closet to see what fits into the look you desire to recreate.

Blazer is from New York & Company got it last December, Shirt is from Nordstrom Rack, a brand called “Leith” Brooch is thrifted, earrings are New York & Company, Panty Hose are Primark (OLD), boots are from Aldo and Bracelet is Steve Madden.

saint laurent fall 2021 look
saint laurent fall 2021 look

saint laurent fall 2021 look
saint laurent fall inspired look

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