How To Style Menswear As A Woman.

How to style menswear in a feminine way.

With menswear increasingly popular amongst women, where we style and wear them in various ways, I couldn’t help but jump on that bandwagon while adding my feminine touch to it. Not only are men’s wear comfortable and structured, they give a relaxed fit without having to feel clinged up in your look. I have heard most thrifters suggest buying blazers and pants from the men’s section, and have them tailored down to your specific needs is a great way to add menswear into your closet.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing few tips on how to add feminine touch to your menswear.

When you hear menswear, you automatically think you have to dress and play the part. No, you can add your feminine touch to any menswear you have, whether it’s a blazer, pants, suit or shirt like mine. I got this men’s shirt from Van Heusen and it’s a size 15 & half regular fit in pastel yellow, which I initially planned on styling with a pair of jeans, but switched it up to make it “More feminine” with these flattering lace shorts.

A great way to add feminine touches to your menswear, is by replacing your sneakers for heels, a pair of tailored pants for a skirt whether it’s a slip skirt or a pencil skirt, add bold jewelries, stay clear from minimal earrings (in some cases). Another way, is to style an oversized tailored men’s blazer with a slip dress because they are known for their flirty characteristics, and they add a chic and feminine look to structured blazers. Once you pick the right piece to pair with your menswear, you are steps closer to making them more feminine. If however you decide to leave the masculinity to your looks, go the extra mile by pairing a tailored men’s suit with a pair of sneakers and throw on a fancy backpack to it.

While menswear are known for power dressing, women are beginning to stretch their closet by adding these pieces to their collection. Although they have different sizing and measurement, you can totally wear your husband’s shirt and style it in a more feminine way like I did. Before you shop the men’s section online, be sure it will fit you and the idea you are going for. If you are looking for an oversized fit, stay clear from slim fitted shirts as well as their skinny fit since those may not fit your curves as a woman. Be sure to opt for regular fit and straight cut trousers as those give extra room for a relaxed fit and if need be, you can get them tailored to your perfect sizing.

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