How To Style Oversized Cable Knitwear For Fall.

How to style cable knits for Fall

When you think about cozy and comfort, cable knits or chunky knits as they may be called, are one of the best choice. They embody the character of keeping you all bundled up and warm for the season.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to style Cable knitwear for Fall.

When you think of huge chunky sweaters, you instantly think of cable knit sweaters or cardigans. They are big enough to keep you feeling warm and snuggled up for the season. With a sweater giant as that, you are faces with ways to style them in a form fitted way, without looking lost in your look.

One exciting fact about cable knits is they are usually good for layering because they have sufficient room in them for multiple pieces like turtlenecks, cardigans, camis etc. Since oversized anything is in style right now, it fits into people’s style aesthetic as you can easily style them with a pair of knee high boots, sneakers, a pair of leggings, biker shorts . The oversized fit leaves you with little to do when it comes to adding more pieces to style except layering underneath.


My cable knit cardigan is big enough to be worn as a dress, which makes a pair of knee high boots the perfect fit for it. If you have a cropped style cable knit, a slip dress or satin skirt with a pair of ankle boots with be perfect. Proportions play a huge role in styling chunky knitwear as you don’t want to mix the wrong proportions, but have a well balanced look for a great fit.

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