A Classy Handbag Every Woman Should Own.

A vegan leather bag every woman should own

It’s interesting how many different styles of bags are out there. Most times, we own these bags not because we have the means to purchase them, but because they serve different purposes. A bag you will wear for a date night will be different from one you wear to work or grocery shopping. These instances vary from woman to woman and doesn’t cut across borders as the same.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on this Vegan Leather Handbag.

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When I received this Scarleton bag, I was in awe of the quality, shape, hardware details and snap which securely keeps things. It’s a simple yet sophisticated looking bag that will be great for lunch, dates, church, weddings, social events etc and also the perfect gift for your friends, mother and sisters as the holidays begin to approach. It’s very sturdy and the leather feels quality as it claims to be vegan and eco-friendly. Also comes in different colours.

The bag has an inner zipper pocket, and one inner slip pocket. The main compartment has more room for your cell phone, makeup, and small wallet. The inner slip pockets and zipper pockets can be used for your personal stuff such as cash, credit cards, and headphones. The zipper is smooth and easy to open. You can definitely wear it in two stylish ways; as a handbag and crossbody bag!(via Scarleton)

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