Oversized Sweater Look For Fall.

Oversized Sweater look for Fall

Comfort and Style is what I go for these days and as we continue to enjoy a little cool days before the winter breeze, I’m ready to always opt for sweater dresses.

One of the ways I have been able to marry my comfort and style looks, is by going for anything oversized especially in sweaters and jackets. Luckily I don’t have to buy maternity clothing so I usually just size up and with that being the case, anything between Large and Xlarge that looks good on, I am buying.

When picking and styling oversized pieces, I make sure the fit is right, so I don’t look clumsy. This is a Thrifted Loft sweater that comes in a Large, and I am guessing it’s a sweater that should be worn with leggings, but I decided to wear it as a dress since it’s long enough for me and my bump. Same goes for a blazer or jacket. You don’t want to go three sizes up, otherwise you make look clumsy with an oversized look. It’s best to stick to two sizes up for that perfect oversized look.

Styling oversized sweaters for Fall are the easiest, as you need minimal accessories to go with them. This sweater dress will pair perfectly with a thigh/knee high boots when the weather gets colder. However, I was going for a simple brunch look while I enjoy the cool warm breeze.

Oversized pieces are also great for layering when the weather gets colder. I could wear multiple tops underneath this sweater as it has room to accommodate such. Same goes with oversized blazers and jackets.

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