How To Elevate A Two Piece (loungewear) Set Look.

How to elevate a ribbed knitwear set look

If anything the past couple of years taught us, is the ability to love/enjoy staying at home. Some have become home buddies and adapted quickly into the home scheme of things, and with that comes comfortable sets/loungewears to wear at home.

On today’s blog post, I will share more on how to elevate a two-piece/lounge set.


I’m currently at the stage where all I want is comfort and my biggest issue is trying to still look stylish and comfortable at the same time. I know nothing trumps comfort, as you don’t want to look hella cute and yet uncomfortable in your outfit.

Living in two piece sets has contributed immensely to my comfort and here are some basic tips to elevating these pieces for when you need to step out.

No.1 Accessorising a simple loungewear/ knit set can take the look to the next level. Adding those extra touches, like statement earrings, hat and a pair heels will totally uplift your look.

No. 2 It’s a loungewear, yes we get it but put on some makeup, it doesn’t have to be a full glam but something to make up face look awake and refresh.

No.3 If you are a minimalist, you don’t need to opt for a statement jewelries, but something you feel comfortable wearing that also depicts your personal style.



How to elevate a lounge wear look

With colder temperature coming soon, these tips will help elevate your loungewear/ ribbed knit sets.

No.4 Opt for a pair of boots, whether they be knee high, ankle or thigh high. Add a beanie or a jacket with a hoodie, puffer coat, quilted coat, wool coat etc. All to keep you warm and cozy.

No.5 Finally, you can also layer underneath your sets by wearing a panty hose or some fitted leggings. That gives you an extra layer of warmth while you still feel comfortable.

How to style a two piece ribbed set
How to elevate a lounge wear look
How to elevate a lounge wear look
How to elevate a ribbed knitwear set look


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