Have Wigs Taken Over The Hair Industry?

luvme human hair wig

Life gets busy, salon appointments get impossible to book, your hairstylist is out of town etc and all you need is some hair saving day, especially with the holidays right here, you are left with little or no option for your hair. Lately, I haven’t had the time to book a hair appointment with my stylist so I resorted to wearing wigs because they are convenient and adds that extra touch to my look.

Today’s blog post is in collaboration with Luvme Hair and I will be sharing more on their wigs.

luvme human hair wig
luvme hair reviews
Ombre headband wigs by Luvme hair

Luvme hair is a hair shopping network in North America that focuses on providing women with top quality human hair, to serve the never ending needs in the hair industry. They pride theirselves in their product and services rather than marketing, because they believe their wigs speak for themselves, so I decided to test out their wig and give an honest review on their Ombre Brown Color Headband Wig.

Honestly, I do not consider myself a professional when it comes to wigs, so I always opt for an easy throw and go type of wig, where I don’t I have to deal with wig glues and trimmings etc, hence a headband wig was the best option. This Ombre wig is beginner friendly, especially if you lack the skills of handling a lace wig. It comes with the headband which is super comfortable and doesn’t feel tight on the head. The headband comes with an adjustable velcro at the back to secure the wig tightly to your desired width. Comes in a loose wave texture, in ombre 1b/30 color and claims to be 100% virgin hair from a donor. Lengths range from 16 inches to 22 inches.

timesaving headband wigs
quality timesaving headband wigs

My first impression of the hair straight from the box was timeless. The texture is incredibly soft and my fingers could run through them from top to bottom, which is one of the characteristics of a good hair. No frizz, beautiful waves, consistent tint from roots to tip and the comfort was definitely a topper for me. It doesn’t feel heavy on and you can wear it for long hours. I decided to go with this Ombré look because it compliments my skin tone and it brightens up my overall look. The wig comes in a nicely made box, protective net and a sheer purple bag. Accompanying the wig is a selection of five (5) hair bands, a styling comb, and one (1) satin scrunchy to help style the hair in different ways.

Whether you are hosting this holiday season, or finishing up your last minute to do lists, running errands, going to work or grocery shopping, this headband wig is a great option that will make you look put together no matter the scenario and it’s time saving.

quality headband wigs
Luvme headband wig review
Ombre headband wigs by Luvme hair

I hope you did enjoy this blog post, be sure to check their website at Luvme Hair for all your quality human hair that delivers promptly to your door step.

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