Styling Neutrals With Colors For Winter.

winter neutral look with a pop of color

You love your neutrals, but you need to add a little spice/switch to your winter look without foregoing them? You can do that effortlessly and still portray your personal style, or better said, you can style them with a pop of color without loosing your style identity.

One of the simplest ways of doing that is by styling your neutrals with pastel color pieces. However, while pastel colors may seem to be the easiest and less daunting way to do so, you may want to stretch your color palette a little further in other to create a memorable contrast to your winter look. One of the ways is by opting for a brighter shade of color while staying clear from the neons as those are left for the color lovers.

I consider neutrals to be base styling pieces that will go with absolutely anything. While there are a ton of colors in the family of neutrals, ranging from black, brown, beige etc today’s post will be focusing on cream.

Styling neutrals for winter
Styling neutrals for winter
how to style neutrals with a pop of color for winter
winter outfit ideas 2022

There is this narrative that neutrals are more acceptable looks for a clean chic appearance. While that has been the belief for a long time, it has changed in recent times as colorful looks are becoming the center stage in the fashion industry and this includes winter looks. Hence, if you are looking to incorporate a colorful piece in your winter neutrals, this is a great way to do so.



how to style neutrals and a pop of color for winter


I styled my neutral pieces with this Bodysuit that comes in different colors, creating the perfect contrast and pop of color for my overall look. You can choose your pop of color for your accessories ie Bag, boots or jewelries.

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