How & What To Shop Secondhand; Preloved Luxury Websites and Thrift Store Options.

How to shop secondhand items

It’s not new that secondhand fashion has become the forefront discussion in the industry and everyone seems to want to have a piece of what they term as “secondhand”. Whether that be in a form of decor or clothing, brands are streamlining their products to conform to the societal needs of secondhand shopping.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing what I consider to be one/some of the best items to shop secondhand. I’m sure by now most of you know my blog articles are also centred around thrifting so I can say confidently that my opinion/suggestions are based on experience.

When it comes to secondhand shopping, I will say start small. By that I mean visit your local thrift stores, don’t go diving into this online conglomerates yet because online shopping is a totally different experience than instore shopping. When I go thrifting, I typically search for Blazers, Coats, Sweaters, Tops (in some cases) because these items have over time become my best finds. The quality you get from a vintage coat or blazer can’t be compared to what these fashion fashion brands currently make. These pieces have become my most sought after items, because I always get compliments from a Thrifted blazer or coat that I have.

how and what to best shop secondhand
what to best purchase from preloved stores
how to shop preloved items from thrift stores and online luxury stores

I buy less shoes in thrift stores because I just haven’t come in full terms with buying them until I start shopping constantly from the online luxury preloved sites. However, I have only purchased four footwears over time and with a little convincing from a friend which didn’t turn out bad. What I suggest like every other thrifted item, make sure you get them thoroughly cleaned (I spray Lysol, wipe them down and leave them to air dry). Depending on where you shop from, handbags, shoes and accessories are great items to buy secondhand. They are becoming the best purchases from these online stores like Fashionphile, ThredUP, Vestiaire Collective (these are luxury secondhand shopping options) because they list gently used high end designer items. However, you are still at luck to finding a gently used designer item or new ones in your local thrift store.

what items to best purchase secondhand or preloved
what to best purchase from an online luxury preloved store

This may not be fashion related but the next thing to fashion that I love, is home decor and I always visit the decor section in my local thrift store. I have found incredible crystal decor pieces, statement vintage items and most especially items that stand out which can be found on sites like Anthropologie, Wayfair, West Elm etc and those cost a buck. You can also refurbish some decor items you find to fit into your personal space as well. After all your home decor like your clothing, depicts your personality.

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