A Houndstooth Winter Look.


When a list of classic fabrics/prints are being mentioned, a houndstooth fabric is definitely one of them. The style, the pattern, and design are unique and outstanding. Not to mention the craftsmanship that goes into every detail on the fabric.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing ways to style a Houndstooth outfit for Winter.

A houndstooth jacket is one fashionable item that will never go out of style. It’s a piece that is worn year after year and season after season. From designer brands to high street, fast fashion and thrifted pieces, houndstooth is always a classic. This print comes in different modern colors, but the traditional houndstooth fabric is made of out two tones- typical black and white, in broken checks with the characteristic of a hound dog’s teeth, hence the name “HOUNDSTOOTH”. A statement fabric such as this, comes in different styles- dresses, tops, jacket, blazers, pants etc. Whatever style you choose to wear, it definitely gives that extra touch to your entire look.

How_to_style_houndstooth_jacket for winter
Houndstooth_outfit idea
Houndstooth fabric and how to style them

I personally love this print, so layering and styling pieces with the same houndstooth fabric is a no brainer for me. It doesn’t matter how you choose to style yours, a houndstooth piece will always stand out. You can opt for a head-to-toe look in houndstooth or add a bright bold color to it. Colors in the family of neon, and jewel tones will be the perfect pair with any black and white houndstooth item, creating that perfect contrast to your overall look. For those who are not color lovers like myself, you can style yours as shown in my pictures.


For a winter look, you can layer your pieces for warmth and top off your look with your choice of any houndstooth coat in any color. There is something more appealing to see a woman in a houndstooth coat during winter and it seems to be the perfect print that goes with the season.

Styling_houndstooth_look for winter
Houndstooth monotone look
how to style a houndstooth look for winter


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