How To Style Dresses and Skirts For Winter.

Styling a dress and skirt for winter

If there is one look I love to see people style during the winter months, is a skirt or a dress because these tend to need more pieces than a usual pair of leggings or trousers. You want to keep in mind that the ultimate goal in any look you desire to create in winter is warmth and something that will keep you warm and comfortable in all those layers is key.

When styling a skirt or dress for winter, you have to apply the layering technique because they tend to expose your skin more than a pair of trousers will. Starting off with a pair of leggings underneath is a great layering idea, followed by a thermal vest or top, depending on on the style of the dress. The fabric of the dress matters as well, if you have a thicker fabric, you don’t need to layer so much to avoid over heating, but if your dress or skirt is lightweight, it’s advisable to do so.

Once your underwear pieces are warm enough, you can throw on your skirt or dress over them, and layer with any sweater or cardigan of your choice, with your final piece as your top coat! Layers! Layers! Layers! That’s all your need to style your skirts and dresses.

I have seen people wear sheer tights underneath their mini skirts and those looks are adorable but the question is are your comfortable/ warm enough to pull that look off?

Accessorising is the final step, which gives your look a character. You can layer your necklace or keep it simple, add some brackets, rings, sunglasses and never forget to wear your knee high or ankle boots depending on what you have. I prefer knee high boots with skirts and dresses, they look more stylish.

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