How To Achieve A Dewy Makeup Look; Valentine Day Inspired.

Lime crime eyeshadow look

The drier the season, the dewy you want your makeup to look in other to avoid dry flaky skin. As someone who has dry skin, experimenting with dewy makeup/looks has been interesting, as my skin tends to have that natural glow depending on the products I incorporate while making up.

Dewy makeup look is trending as people tend to look for products, tips and tricks that will help them achieve such look. The natural glow it leaves your skin with, makes me love the look. You don’t need to change your entire makeup collection to achieve this look, but adding one product to your routine, can switch things up in achieving a dewy look.

FACE: The overall glow a dewy look gives is truly beautiful on the skin, and to achieve that glow, I used the Athr Beauty Desert Sun Glow Oil as a base before applying my foundation. It preps and leaves my skin with a healthy glow and a little goes a long way! You can either apply on your T-zone or all over your face, depending on where you want the dewy look to highlight. Another great way to use the Glow oil, is by mixing a drop with your foundation before applying directly on your skin. The glow oil is formulated with ingredients known to support collagen and visibly brighten your skin, this lightweight diamond-infused oil delivers moisture and hydration with a cosmic glow. (via Athr beauty)

EYES: For my eyes, I tried out the Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow palette and I love how pigmented they are. I used three shades from the palette to create this purple look which is also a Valentine inspired look. I loved that this palette didn’t have fall outs at all, which is one of my pet peeves when working with pigmented eyeshadows. Lash extensions are by Glamnetic and they are the easiest extensions I fix as they come with a magnetic glue eyeliner which makes the application process easy.

BROWS: The Charlotte tilbury supermodel brow collection has been a favorite and I apply the gel first and let it sit for some minutes before filing in my brows.

Dewy makeup look
Valentine’s Day makeup look
Lime crime eyeshadow look

HIGHLIGHTER & BRONZER: I used the Iconic London Ultimate Bronzing Powder for the first time, and I loved how smooth the application was. It comes in a buttery texture and natural matte finish. I have been obsessing over this luxurious beauty brand I just discovered and I used their stick highlighter in shade Rose Diamante to create this champagne illumination on my cheekbones.

LIPS: The Jouer High Pigment Lipgloss in shade maldives gave the metallic dark purple look and the nude pink lips are by Bite.

Dewy makeup look

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