Personalised Valentine Gift Idea For Your Loved Ones.

Valentine’s Day gift idea for girlfriends

As the season of love draws closer, having the right outfit and accessories to go with it becomes a necessity. Whatever your style may be, never over think it because you will look good in any outfit of your choice provided you are comfortable in it.

These Story Jewellery bracelets are a great way to add a little color and spice to your Galentine look. Not only are the great for stacking, they come with inscribed messages inside of each bracelet, which makes them great for gifting as well and “JOY15” gives you a discount.

I love that they come in different colors, made out of a sturdy metal you can adjust to your desires fit. It doesn’t matter who you intend to gift, they have a variety of options to fit any individual ie your daughter, sister, friend, your colleague etc. Inclusive of what their jewellery line offers, is a variety a personalised rings and necklaces which you can choose from.

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