How To Make Thrift Store Look Like Couture; Transitioning Into Secondhand Fashion.

How to make thrift store look like couture

This has been in the works!!! A book, a guide, a literal and practical approach on how to transform your fashion lifestyle into an eco-friendly, and sustainable one.

I can’t go further with mentioning Faye of @fayedelanty who is the author of the book “OPSHOPULENCE”- How to make thrift store look like couture. She is a thrift stylist for the Salvation Army in Australia, whose job is to educate, inspire and empower consumers to think sustainably and act mindfully with their fashion and lifestyle choices. She’s gifted in bringing eco-friendly women around the globe, with one goal, to highlight and maintain the sustainable fashion industry.

This book has been in the making for three years now, packed with tips and tricks on how to shop sustainably, spend less while looking expensive. It contains contributory articles from different women across Australia, US, UK etc.

OPSHOPULENCE is a mindset created to make you:
· Look and feel a million bucks
· Save money and reduce stress
· Transcend age, shape, size, and status
· Support charity
· Empower community
· Connect and immerse yourself in culture
· Help heal the planet
· Become part of a revolutionary fashion movement.

You definitely want to grab your copy at OPSHOPULENCE.COM or AMAZON (Available in Hard cover and Ebook)

RANKING NO.1 as best seller on Amazon!

THRIFT IS THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING and I’m thankful for Faye for giving me the opportunity to be part of this book!

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