Chantecaille Beauty Favourites and Review.

Chantecaille Beauty Favourites &and Review

The beauty industry is never ending, with continuous emergence of amazing products. Keeping up with every single product is impossible but being able to get your hands on some best picks is a good idea.

I came to know about the French beauty brand Chantecaille from a UK blogger, who spoke highly of them and I always wanted to try out their products to match the hype.

Chantecaille beauty favorites

I got my hands on these three Chantecaille products and yes they match the hype. They are the typical example of luxury meets quality, quality meets flawless skin! Most brands are going for skin-like foundation and The Future Skin foundation by Chantecaille, is an example. It is an innovative oil-free gel foundation with a refreshing, lightweight texture and a unique formula with 60% water. It applies beautifully and seamless on the skin but I wish it had a better way to be dispensed. Also looks smaller in person than I expected but I’m told it holds a lot of product. It comes in 15 shades and this is the shade Carob, for maple skin with cool undertones.


Tell me of a soft and buttery tinted lip balm, and I will show you this lip Tint Hydrating Balm , which is the perfect makeup no makeup lip enhancing color. I am getting more into tinted lip balms for my everyday looks when I don’t want a full face of makeup but what a little color on my lips. I see them as a win win, because my lips are getting the hydration they need while having a sheer color on.

Lastly, I had to pick up one of these African inspired luminescent eye shades and I must say the compatibility and packaging of this eyeshadow is top notch! Very shimmery and great to highlight inner corner of your eyes if you want a subtle look or over your eye lids for a full face of makeup for night time. These eye shades come in 8 different shades and this is the shade “Pangolin” which gives off a dusky lilac color.

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