How To Use Cream Makeup Products For A Glowing Healthy Skin.

Chanel les beige healthy bronzing cream is an incredible product that leaves your skin radiant and healthy

If you have been following along on my Instagram page, you must have seen me share some cream blushes and saying why I love them. Cream makeup products are gradually taking over the makeup industry. Not only are brands tapping into this new dimension in the makeup industry, they are consistently creating products that meet everyone’s need when it comes to cream products.

For someone who has dry skin, using cream makeup products has always been exciting, as they leave my skin with a youthful glow all day long. For those with oily or combination skin, you may be thinking cream makeup products are definitely not for me, but the truth is they work on all skin types. When you use a cream makeup product, it leaves your skin radiant, dewy and sculpted, especially when you blend and daub the product seamlessly into your skin.

There are a ton of cream makeup products out there, but I am particularly drawn to cream blushes. Lately, I ventured into trying out cream bronzers because I love how glowing and dewy these products tend to leave the skin looking. They also create that skin like satin finish to your overall makeup. I realized that in other to achieve this healthy glowing skin with cream makeup products, you have to do a lot of blending and be patient while you do so. You also want to make sure your skin is nicely prepped with a good moisturizer and not dry as these cream products need to glide on your skin smoothly, because they need to be warmed up a bit for easy blending.


I use a brush or a beauty sponge to apply these cream products, but fingers are also a great way to apply them. Once your product has been blended in, set it with a light layer of powder to lock it in. If you use a cream bronzer, set it with a powder bronzer. That helps the product sit radiantly on the skin. Another option is to use a translucent powder to set everything in and lately, I have been enjoying this Saie Translucent powder. It is light like the name “Airset” and looks flawless on all skin tone.


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