How To Incorporate The Trending Colors For Spring Into Your Wardrobe.

Pastel Spring Look 2022

I get it, not everyone is into colors, they find it difficult to incorporate them into their wardrobe because it doesn’t depict their personal style. If you are amongst that spectrum of people, keep reading as I will share some tips on how to introduce the trending colors into your Spring 2022 wardrobe.

It’s not rocket science, neither is it a tough thing to do when it comes to picking out colorful pieces for your Spring wardrobe. If you are one to stick to a neutral wardrobe palette, the best way to introduce the trending spring colors is by choosing what we call Pastel shades. These shades are softer and milder tones in the color wheel. They are not considered to be bright, vibrant or bold. They are subtle in their nature and can easily pass for neutrals if worn correctly.

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Another way to incorporate the trending spring colors to your wardrobe, is by wearing a pastel piece with a neutral piece like brown or white. That helps tone down the colour concerns you have in your wardrobe. Throwing in some soft tones pieces or accessories like a pair of this sunglasses or your bag, is also a good way to introduce colors into your Spring wardrobe.

This top is a trending spring color, affordable and a good way to add color to your Spring wardrobe. It comes in different colors as well. I paired the top with this MOTF high waist pants, which comes in this buttery yellow color, which is a trending shade for Spring 2022.


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