Neon Pink, A Fashion Color Trend For Spring Summer 2022.

Monotone outfit idea for spring summer 2022

You can never miss it, it is conspicuous, it’s bright, it’s bold, it’s energetic and it’s called Neon for a reason. The fashion colors for Spring/Summer 2022, are blues, pinks, yellows and greens, with green being in the forefront of most fashionable publications but today we are highlighting fluorescent Pink.

Most spring/summer runways for 2022 showcased this hot pink. It was hugely done in a way you could never miss the shade being the ‘IT’ thing for the season and as it turned out, most fashion houses tapped into the brighter colors because Pantone approved it.

With hot pink being one of the IT colors for spring summer 2022, is it safe to say it’s the new neutral and with the neutral fanatics tapping into this trend as well, I think it will stick around for the longest time.


The best way to introduce this fluorescent pink into your spring summer closet, is by picking individual items like a pair of shoes, a purse, a pair of pants or a dress. My Hanifa Maliha high waist pants will be getting a lot of wear this season and I couldn’t help but get this Micas hot pink top to go with those pants. Topped off the look with my thrifted blazer, dolce vita shoes, micro purse and some gold accessories, all tying into a great monochromatic hot pink look, perfect for a trending spring summer look.

Would you be wearing a hot pink look this season? Let me know in the comment section.


Monotone outfit idea for spring summer 2022
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Monotone outfit idea for spring summer 2022
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