How To Style An Oversized Shirt For Summer.

Oversized shirt look for spring summer 2022

While we love body fitting clothes, the oversized look is also here to stay and I must say I am really into it not just for the trend, but the comfort and silhouette it gives to an overall look. Not only is an oversized shirt a great styling piece, it is also beneficial in Summer because of the heat as we will be needing free flowing clothes.

However, most people tend to shy away from oversized clothing, because they feel they don’t get it right when it comes to styling.While I love my tight fitting clothes, I still make room for those baggy, loose fitting clothes especially wide leg pants!

When it comes to oversized shirts, it’s all about the relaxed fit. Not only are they comfortable, they can also be transformed by adding a pair of heels and some statement accessories. Their roomy nature makes them perfect for a breezy look, and great for a summer wardrobe must have. Whatever your personal style is, you can always make an oversized shirt fit into your style.

This is an oversized shirt I picked up on my last thrift trip. It comes in XXL, but I love the color and decided to make it work. I usually go two sizes up when it comes to creating an oversized look so I don’t look sloppy.


You can always opt for a pair of jeans (keeping it classic), a pair of shorts or skirt. If you don’t want a boxy look, you can style with a fitted skirt or a pair of leggings. For a more breezy look, opt for a pair of wide leg pants or use the oversized shirt in place of a jacket over your mini dress. I styled my oversized shirt with this lavender pants from the just released Amazon collection of Highlowluxxe. I love the fit and silhouette. Not too baggy, has a fitted waist, overlapping details and the pockets makes it perfect with the oversized shirt.


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