The Best Milk Body Collection For All Skin Types.

Milk body lotion by fresh beauty

Are you looking to add some milk body products to your skincare routine? If yes, then you are reading the right post! To be fair and honest, I think these are the first milk skincare products I am trying out and I was confident enough to do so because this milk body collection is by Fresh Beauty.

Fresh Beauty is a brand that is true, tried and tested. I have used a couple of their skincare products over a long period of time, which in those times, I had no adverse reaction to their skincare line.

Generally, milk products are good for all skin types. I have heard so many good things about milk baths although I haven’t had a chance to have one. So I decided to try out a milk body cleanser and milk body lotion first and see how my skin accepts them.

Fresh Beauty Milk Body Cleanser & Milk Body Lotion.

This milk body collection is newly launched, and has to be one of the luxurious products I have used. The milk lotion isn’t so much of my favorite because it didn’t feel super hydrating like I imagined, but the milk cleanser is. I love that it’s gentle on the skin, lathers a little (not so much as a regular shower gel will), lightly scented and will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. The best part also is that your bathroom will be left with a scent afterwards.

Milk Body Cleanser.

It is a non-stripping moisturizing body wash with soothing plant-based milks that gently removes impurities, maintaining skin’s pH for a soft, conditioned feel. This pH-balanced daily moisturizing body wash is infused with plant-based milks from centella, rice, and linseed to condition and prevent dryness. With hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E, the lightweight formula transforms into a creamy lather for a comforting experience and all-day softness..It Cleanses, soothes & nourishes without altering skin’s pH. Its lightweight, comforting texture that transforms into a gentle lather. Skin feels ultra-soft & conditioned (via Fresh Beauty)

Milk Body Lotion.

The milk body lotion is a fast-absorbing nourishing body lotion with soothing plant-based milks that delivers 24hr deep hydration and strengthens the skin’s barrier. It is infused with plant-based milks centella, rice, and linseed to condition and strengthen the skin’s barrier. It has a lightweight texture that leaves a velvety soft feel that won’t cling to clothes while offering deep hydration that lasts all day.. (Via Fresh Beauty)

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