Round Up Of My Summer 2022 Fashion; Fall Transition Pieces.

Spring Summer dress trends 2022

I can’t believe summer is gradually coming to an end! The season flew by quickly and so did my summer 2022 outfits. Sometimes I look back and think I didn’t have as many outfits photographed for the season unlike previous years. However, these are some of the looks I shot for Summer but I will be linking some Fall items at the end of this post.

vacation outfit idea for spring summer 2022
vacation outfit idea for spring summer 2022

This outfit introduced my Summer fashion looks for 2022. It was definitely a tough time having to shoot 2 weeks or less of having a new born, so most of my looks were shot at my backyard. This New York & Company off the shoulder striped puff sleeve dress debuted as the perfect dress for a spring summer vacation 2022. It is absolutely gorgeous, and ticks all the boxes for a trending Summer fashion look.

Colorful outfit idea for Spring 2022

This is a great way to introduce colors to a neutral wardrobe for Fall! If you are one to stick to a neutral wardrobe palette, the best way to introduce the trending colors is by choosing what we call Pastel shades. These shades are softer and milder tones in the color wheel. They are not considered to be bright, vibrant or bold. They are subtle in their nature and can easily pass for neutrals if worn correctly.

Spring summer white dresses and how to style them
Affordable white dresses for spring summer 2022

White dresses are usually the easiest to style because you have a plain piece to work with. Whichever look you decide to go for, you only need accessories that compliment or contrast the piece. However, if you want a more bright and airy look, opt for minimal accessories that will compliment your white dress rather than taking away from it.

How to style and oversized outfit
How To Wear An Oversized Shirt


This is the type of look I will be wearing into Fall.

I enjoy styling oversized shirts because of their relaxed fit. They are comfortable, can be transformed by adding a pair of knee high boots and trench coat for Fall. Their roomy nature makes them perfect for a breezy look, and great for a Fall wardrobe must have. Whatever your personal style is, you can always make an oversized shirt fit into your style.

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