Fashion Color Trend For Spring Summer 2023.

Fashion Color Trend for Spring summer 2023

Yes I know, we are still in Fall but knowing what’s to come for Spring Summer 2023 as it relates to fashion trends is key. From the just concluded fashion week all over Europe and America, the continuous trend that came down the runway was color and more colors. From the hot pinks to the orange and blues etc.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on the fashion color trends for 2023 and how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe.

Fashion Color Trends
Colorful Monazeni Bag
Fashion Color Trend for Spring summer 2023
2022 Fashion Week Color Trend

2023 Fashion Color.

Although colors may not be your thing when it comes to personal style, but this is what the fashion designers intend to introduce in their Spring Summer Collection for 2023. From Milan to Paris, New York and London, the designers are saying we need to express ourselves more in colorful and vibrant looks. This consists of dynamic shade blends, which can be mixed with quiet muted tones.

Not only are they projecting vibrant colors, as the fashion color for 2023, they are also making room for soft tones with more emphasis on the vibrant colors. Of course, I am all for both and more on the vibrant shades.

Beetroot Purple and Tangelo are part of the color trends for Spring Summer 2023. These colors by themselves or in combination, creates a contrasting highlight which makes us express ourselves in unexpected ways. For me, wearing colorful looks is an unending journey as I get to create and combine more colors as time goes by.

Hot Pink and Orange Outfit Idea
Pantone Fashion Color Trends For 2023
Pantone Fashion Color Trends For 2023
Fashion Color Trend for Spring summer 2023

Accessorising Your 2023 Spring Summer Wardrobe.

On the other hand, accessorising is a great way to introduce these fashion colors into your Spring Summer wardrobe.

This is the Duetta bag by Monazeni and it has to be one of the most thoughtful and well curated bags I own. It has Beetroot Purple and Tangelo in front, Green at the back and straps. It is the perfect accessory to style your muted or neutral outfits for Spring Summer.

Whether you are into colors or not, the Monazeni Duetta bag will play an interesting piece in your entire outfit. Their bags are truly luxury with an attitude. Excellent for a colorful wardrobe, good for a neutral wardrobe if you are looking to infuse some colors.

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