The Drugstore Makeup Brand That Makes Headlines.

The best drugstore makeup brand

I want to look good but not totally at the expense of my pocket and drugstore makeup brands know how to do just that. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t or won’t own luxury makeup, as I currently own a couple sitting on my beauty counter.

The best part about these drugstore makeup brands is their affordability and they can do the work if not better than these high end brands. Also affordable makeup doesn’t mean they are substandard. In most cases, they are better than these luxury makeup brands out there.

On this blog post, I will be highlighting Elf Cosmetics as the best drugstore makeup going viral in the makeup industry.

Elf cosmetics is the best drugstore makeup for 2022
What is the best drugstore makeup brand?
The trending drugstore makeup brand
Affordable makeup brand

Elf means Eyes Lips and Face and are they catering to those? Absolutely yes and doing exceptionally well at that. Elf cosmetics has been around for the longest time and right now, they are killing the affordable drugstore makeup game.

If you don’t know about Flip, it is a beauty shopping app that gives you options for so many beauty brands and Elf has been topping the chart on there as well. From their concealers, putty blushes, viral grip primers and Setting powder they are doing so well. Although they are very affordable, they still give a luxury finish.

The best drugstore makeup brand
Drugstore makeup brand
The trending drugstore makeup brand
What is the best drugstore makeup brand?

elf cosmetics products.

There are ton of Elf products that are incredible but I will write about the ones I used for this makeup. I used their 16hr Camo concealer in the shade “Deep Cinnamon” which is a full coverage liquid concealer which cover up imperfections and under-eye circles while giving your skin a moisturizing boost. It is not drying at all, has a smooth radiant finish, lightweight and doesn’t settle into creases. This concealer only cost $7 and that’s the best thing about affordable makeup.

For my brows, I used the Elf cosmetics Clear Brow and Lash Mascara to achieve that laminated looking brow. It is a dual sided clear gel that conditions and grooms your brows in place. I used this gel and my brows stayed in place like glue for hours. It creates a healthy defined look and acts as a conditioning base under your brow pencils.

For my eye look, I used their liquid glitter eyeshadow in shade “Ocean Eyes” which has a gel based, quick drying and long lasting formula. It delivers high impact glitters and pearls to the eyes and the perfect addition to the holiday season.

These are asides from their brushes which are also incredible. The bristles are soft and applies your makeup products evenly on your skin.

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