Content Structure For 2023; UGC Creator.

Makeup UGC Creator

This is a simple and easy post ushering us into the new year and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. Mine was jam packed with fun activities that we couldn’t make it to all our invites. Just grateful for the new year, thankful for all your support on here and I believe 2023 will have better things in store for us all.

This year, I plan on infusing more lifestyle content to my blog. I already do, by writing on skincare tips but there are so many more ideas I will love to write about on here. I get lots of skincare questions on my social media pages so I’m inclined to provide more articles on that topic.

UGC creator
Skincare and Makeup UGC creators
UGC creator

However, this will not interfere with my regular fashion/outfit posts I always share. I intend to serve my audience according to their needs as far as it’s within my content scope.

In addition to that, I would be sharing more UGC (User Generated Content) over on my social channels. I already do that on the Flip app but I want it to be more refined and specific to some brands.

As someone who does a lot of video content (UGC Creator) I sometimes feel my readers are lacking on those areas if they are not following on my Flip, Instagram or Pinterest Page. So I would like to convert some of those video content into words in other to serve everyone.

Skincare and Makeup UGC creators
Black UGC Creator

More organic and sponsored posts will continue to be shared on here as well. However, my sponsored posts will definitely be from a place of intentionality and not just money.

I hope to be more consistent as sometimes real life responsibilities can take over but this is also important and I want to put my best and all into it.

Wishing you all the best xx.

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