How To Add Unique Pieces To Your Wardrobe.

how to add unique pieces to your wardrobe.

There are lots of clothing items but how do you know what unique pieces to add to your wardrobe?. While most items may be unique, some actually do stand out and get more compliments. Those are the types of pieces we would be chatting about in this blog post.

What is considered a unique wardrobe use have?
What is considered a unique wardrobe use have?
how to add unique pieces to your wardrobe

It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, having one or two unique pieces in your closet is a must have. These may be for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, vacation, graduation etc. An item that when you put on, you feel good about it and you get more compliments wearing it. Of course you don’t own clothes for the compliments you intend to get when you put them on, but only how they make you feel.

what is a unique piece of clothing.

There are various ways to identify what makes a piece of clothing unique. First, you may want to take into consideration the construction of the item. How is it made? the quality of the fabric? how is the fabric placement? the design and fit?. These are the points to consider when purchasing or adding a unique piece to your wardrobe.

Also, what may be unique to you, would definitely not be to the next person, so always work with your personal style and what you feel most comfortable wearing.

Note that expensive doesn’t always mean quality or unique. A brand may resonate more with you, your personal style, what you want and above all your finances. These are other points to consider when adding unique pieces to your wardrobe.

I saw this contrast pleated faux leather midi skirt on my Instagram feed and I immediately fell in love with the fabric placement and construction. Prior to that, I had seen a couple of pieces that had a mix of leather and denim or leather and cotton, but they never stood out to me in terms of fabric placement and the fit. Once I saw this skirt, I knew it was going to tick all the boxes when it comes to being a unique item for my closet. I wore it to a friend’s birthday dinner and it got compliments because it is different and unique.

what to consider when shopping for unique items for your closet
what to consider when shopping for unique items for your closet
what to consider when shopping for unique items for your closet.

Styling these pieces will always be easy. All you need is another simple piece and you are good to go. You never have to worry about how to style them because they do the work for you and all you need to do is accessorize them.

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