A Full Makeup Using Elf Cosmetics.

full face of makeup with elf cosmetics.

If there is one drug store makeup brand that has taken over recently, then it has to be Elf cosmetics. They have continued to dominate the affordable makeup grounds by going above and beyond in their recent launches. This is not limited to makeup products, but also skin care.

Over time, I have been collecting Elf products and I decided to create a full face of makeup using only their products.

full face of makeup with elf cosmetics.
elf cosmetics
elf brow lift

Although I wear less to no foundation these days, I will walk you through the process. I must start off by saying there is no foundation in this look. I prepped by base using the Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter in shade 6 (Tan Deep) and 7 (Deep Rich). Shade 6 was used on the points I wanted to highlight ie underneath my eyes, and T zone, while shade 7 was used all over my face. You need just a little otherwise you will be looking like a disco ball as the TikTok girlies say.

Generally, I appreciate the quality of Elf makeup products and hw affordable they are despite the quality and finish they give. They could easily pass or look better than these luxury makeup brands for sure. In my opinion, the are currently the best drug store makeup brand.

Elf makeup product breakdown.

For my brows, I used the Elf brow lift. That thing is magic and I holds your brows up for over 7 hours. You scoop up a little using your spooky while gently brushing your brows in an upward manner. I rarely fill my brows in when I use this brow lift.

To conceal, brighten and add a little bit of coverage to my look, I used the Elf Camo Concealer in the shade “Deep Cinnamon”. This is a really good concealer and they have the “Hydrating Camo Concealer” that is a sister to this one but contain hydrating ingredients especially for people with dry eyes.

The No Budge matte eyeshadow stick is so convenient to use and it’s in the shade “Lava Lamp”. It is a soft creamy eyeshadow stick. I smudged it out to make it look less pigmented.

The Putty blush has an interesting formula. It is a cream to powder blush which feels creamy on your fingers and switches up to a velvety powder finish once you apply it. It’s buildable and melts into the skin easily. I used shade “Fiji” which plays off an orangey look.

I used the Lash it loud mascara in shade ‘Deep Brown” which to be honest, isn’t a favorite of mine. Although it does give my lashes length and volume, I don’t think the shade compliments my skin tone.

Finished up the look with the Elf O Face Satin Lipstick in the shade “Vocal”. This is one of my top favorite products from Elf Cosmetics. It’s a rich lipstick, intensely pigmented with a creamy texture.

elf makeup products
elf makeup products
affordable drug store makeup

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