My Pacifica Beauty Favorites; A Clean Vegan Beauty Brand.

Clean vegan Beauty

I came to know about Pacifica Beauty through the Flip app. I must say that app introduced me to amazing brands. The girlies on there had so many good things to say about the brand and when I got a chance to work with them, I did not hesitate.

I received a box of Pacifica goodies that I got to try out. Although I haven’t been able to go through the entire box, but these are my favorites so far from the ones I have tried.

pacifica makeup favorites.

Pacific Beauty; Fluffy Blushy
Pacific Beauty; Fluffy Blush, vegan Collagen Lip balms
Clean Vegan Beauty favorites; Pacific Beauty

Pacifica is a clean vegan beauty brand which is also very affordable when it comes to pricing and quality. They also have a good range of products to choose from. From makeup, skincare, haircare and body care. I currently love their longwear eyeliners which I have in shades ” Ocean, Lilac and Minty. These pastel shade eyeliners are so pretty and they are good for creating that colorful graphic eyeliner looks. They also contain skincare ingredients like vitamin E and Coconut Oil which helps them to easily glide on the eyes for that precise graphic look.

My next favorite product from Pacifica beauty is their Fluffy Blushy which comes in five shades but I have them three in shades “Pink Haze, Sunset and Fluffy”. It has an interesting air whipped formula, which is infused with vegan collagen that hydrates the skin. The creamy texture transforms to a powder flush finish. It is lightweight and buildable.

pacifica skincare favorites.

Pacifica Creamy Gel Cleanser
Pacifica beauty; Clean Vegan Skincare, Makeup and Haircare.
Pacifica beauty lip balms

Their complex lip balm is such a juicy balm which will leave your lips hydrated all day long. They come in four different types and I have them in “Dreamy Youth and Vegan Collagen”. Dreamy youth is infused with Squalane, vegan collagen jojoba seed oils and sunflower which provides a healthy moisture and youthful appearance to the lips. While vegan collagen promotes a plump lips with skincare benefits like Squalane, and jojoba seed oil.

Next is their Vegan Creamy Gel Cleanser. It is such a gentle cleanser which leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. I use it twice a week on days when I use my retinol. This cleanser builds into a soft lather with a creamy gentle texture and it contains vegan collagen and flower milk.


pacifica haircare; Leave in mask for dry and damaged hair

Although I used their coco peptide damage care shampoo, I fell in love with their coco bond damage care leave in mask. The shampoo contains peptides and coconut milk which helps with hair follicle and cuticle production. However, the leave in mask made my hair very soft and easy to comb through when wet.

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