Lip Oils Vs. Lip Glosses: What Is The Difference?

Lip Oils Vs. Lip Glosses: What is the Difference?

I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with lip oils and glosses as much as I have in the past year or two. Prior to that, I was a lip balm and lipstick kind of girl and now I want every lip gloss and lip oil my hands and pocket can get.

If you haven’t noticed, lips oils have had so much hype lately. I didn’t understand the rave until I started using more of them. Whether it’s a hydrating lip stain, serum, or oil, they are for more than just makeup products.

are lip oils better than lip glosses?
what is the difference between lip oils and lip glosses?

lip oils.

Everyone avoids dry lips like a plague, so what you use to moisturize and keep them hydrated really matters. Just like using oils for your body and hair, lip oils do the same work for your lips. You may be thinking balms and glosses do the same job, but there is a clear cut difference between a lip oil and a gloss. While I think the major difference lies in marketing strategy, there are still some notable differences when it comes to texture and formulation. Lip oils help to retain moisture while adding a hint of color. They contain lip care ingredients/benefits like Vitamin E, Jojoba oils, Avocado and Hyaluronic Acid as opposed to glosses and they provide more moisture to the lips. They have a lightweight feel and look than lip glosses.

lip glosses.

Glosses are heavier than oils and they make your lips plumper. However, they contain more pigment than lip oils. Some are sheerer but most are intense compared to a typical lip oil. They also keep your lips hydrated although they can be sticky. They contain less nourishing ingredients than the typical lip oil. Lip gloss tends to impart more shine to the lips without providing the nourishment that lips need.

Lately, I have been reaching for and using my Bobbi Brown Plump Lip Serum every morning. I alternate between that and the Palladio hydrating lip oil. The serum comes in the shade “bare pink” and as the name indicates, it’s bare without any hint or shade, which makes it the perfect serum to keep my lips hydrated. I love that it’s also a lip treatment that replenishes my lips with a blend of moisture-boosting botanical oils.

The Palladio hydrating lip oil is also a good one which comes with a hint of color. It is not pigmented and can be worn for an everyday look. Same goes for the Maybelline lifter gloss which contains hyaluronic acid; great for keeping the lips hydrated and moisturized.

The Live Tinted Hue gloss is a classic example of one that feels heavier on the lips but also packed with nourishing ingredients while adding a dose of hydration and sheen.

Are lip oils better than lip glosses?

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