Basic Products You Need For An Everyday Makeup Look.

essential products for an everyday makeup look.

Would you agree if I told you don’t need a foundation or concealer for an everyday makeup look? Well, yes you absolutely don’t especially when you consider having to wear them everyday for long periods of hours.

Except your work requires you to have full beat for photoshoots, on screen events and such, you can totally pull of a makeup look with little to no product and here is how.

makeup products for an everyday look
how to achieve a natural makeup look

Starting off your look with a good base, is key to having a flawless simple makeup look. The beauty buzz right now is natural and skin finish looks. Makeup that keeps your skin looking radiant and youthful without looking over done. Looks that take minimal effort with less amount of time. To achieve these everyday makeup looks, you have to consider what is important which is a breathable skin.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter as one of the viral makeup products as of right now. There are very similar products that offer the same features as the Glow Filter by Elf. I will list all these products below.

A glow filter acts as a primer for your makeup. They give you that dewy but glowy finish with little to no coverage. Although they have no sufficient coverage, they add an illuminating radiance to the skin. They are usually lightweight and great for an everyday makeup look. They can be worn on their own, mixed with your tinted moisturizer of foundation.

Apart from glow filters, tinted moisturizers are also a good choice when it comes to creating an everyday makeup look because they have less coverage than foundations and some contain skincare ingredients.

glow filters & tinted moisturizers.

Once you have your glow base done, a good blush, lip oil, some mascara and a groomed brows will complete the look. However, you can decide to apply a little bit of concealer underneath your eyes for coverage. You don’t need to layer it with several shades as we are keeping it clean fresh and simple for an everyday look.

I usually use either my Elf Camo concealer or Pat Mcgrath Sublime concealer to awaken my eyes, then I set them with my Saie Airset Radiant Setting Powder or Mac Studio Fix Powder. After that, I go in with a cream blush which is always the best choice when it comes to minimal makeup looks.

Blushes play a huge role in creating that effortless everyday makeup look especially when you opt for cream blushes. My oily skin girlies may refuse to use them, but they are great for all skin types. They add that natural flush to your skin and always acts as a great pair to a glowy makeup look.

blushes and lippies for an everyday look.

Moving on to choice of Lippies. This is where it also gets very interesting. Lip glosses, Lip sticks, Lip Oils etc are becoming one of my favorite products after blushes. Asides from the hint of color they add to your lips, they mostly contain skincare ingredients that nourish your lips. So you might want to consider the benefits of your lip oils or when next you want make a purchase.

Since we are going for a natural makeup look, lip tints or lip oils are the best options. This doesn’t go without the saying that neutral lipsticks are also a great choice because you don’t want to have a bold red lips which will negate the simple fresh look we are trying to create. As for lip oils Rare Beauty just launched a whole collection and they look great so far from reviews I watched.

Lip Oils and Blushes.

makeup products you need for a natural everyday makeup look.
elf halo glow liquid filter review

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